Lost Dimension brings anime paranoia to PS3, Vita


New E3 trailer

Have you ever felt like you can read snippets of your friends’ thoughts and that some of them are out to get you and you’d be better off killing them? Same, same.

Lost Dimension tasks a group of 11 capable warriors with stopping The End, a supreme being seeking to bring about the end (get it?) of the world. Standard stuff. One fun wrinkle, though, is that the protagonist can read the minds of the other ten special folks and has to doom potential traitors to non-existence between missions after some brain snooping. And if you accuse innocent ones, your party for the final battle will be filled with double agents who will turn on you, making for a more difficult fight. Which characters are traitors changes randomly between playthroughs, too.

Atlus and NIS are bringing this smaller scale Valkyria Chronicles reminiscent turn-based RPG to PS3 and Vita on July 28.