Mad Max gets a choose-your-own-trailer


I choose Metal Gear

“See that mountain? You can walk to it.”

The audience, hushed, is stunned. The presentation script writer leans back, whiskey in hand and a hunk draped around her like a fur. The audience, catching up to the transcendent realization from up on high begins to babble. I…can walk…there. Several members in the front tear up. “Killed it,” the writer snarls.

It is interesting that in a period where, by various means and disadvantages, individuals lack choice, it has become so fetishized as to be the basis of a couple reworked genres. And all sold under the lie that we haven’t been “making choices” in playing games for the last 30 years, that this is some newfound power. What does that say about us, about the moneyed interest backing our largest entertainments.

Anyways Mad Max might be alright it launches September 1 with Metal Gear lol.