Madden's predictions and my prop bets for the Super Bowl


Get your bookie on the horn

As it’s wont to do anytime a major sport’s national championship comes around, EA released a prediction for the outcome of the Super Bowl based on its season-old game Madden ’15. In the match-up between two teams whose hands aren’t really clean, the Seadderall Seahawks face off against the New England Deflatriots.

According to Madden‘s simulation, New England wins on a last-second touchdown, edging last year’s champs by four points. Take it to your bookie, people! That’s as good as free money.

Here are a few other prop bets that your bookie probably won’t take because I made them up right now:

  • Number of times someone at your Super Bowl party says “I only watch for the commercials!” (over/under 7.5)
  • Will someone on your Twitter feed originally tweet “SPOARTZ BALL!!!” sometime during the Super Bowl? (Yes -2000, No +1500)
  • What will Steven tweet about first? (How evil the NFL is, a selfie with a pet – PK)
  • Will an elderly relative of yours express their disdain for the performance of the National Anthem and brazenly declare that “They should sing it right?” (Yes -100, No +150)
  • Rob Gronkowski is named Super Bowl MVP and then tongue kisses Tom Brady (10,000 to 1)

You know what they say: If anyone gives you 10,000 to 1 on anything, you take it.