Use this code quick for bonus Magic: Arena XP


You have roughly a week until the current pass expires

Another recent game, another season pass to navigate. Oh sorry, “mastery pass.” Magic: Arena is a little easier to follow compared to most games because seasons align with new set releases, but you still need to, in FOMO fashion, finish the pass or you miss out on the rewards forever. This new Magic: Arena code should help.

Shared on the official Magic: Arena Twitter account, the code is “SCALEUP.” It’ll grant you 3000 XP for your troubles, which is a substantial chunk of levels and possibly the last nudge you need to finish up the pass. The code expires on September 15, which is when Arena is gearing up for the Innistrad set.

It isn’t very clear whether or not this code stacks with the “Midweek Magic” event, but just in case, you may want to queue up for that (all it takes is any historic deck); even if you jump into a game and concede so it “counts” your progress.

As it turns out here’s also a recent Magic: Arena code that grants XP that a bunch of people totally missed. Doled out on September 4, the code is “PARCELMYR,” and it’ll provide some XP, gold, and a few card bonuses.

Wizards of the Coast reminds people that you can redeem codes both online, and in the in-game Arena storefront on PC. Annoyingly, the mobile edition still doesn’t have a way to redeem codes in-game.