Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle is authentic mahjong, but with sexy anime girls


Uh, who wants to come over and play some regular domino?

Most of the mahjong games on Steam are weird. There’s a weird tower one, an Antiques Roadshow one. They either all have their own rules, odd set dressing, or both. In the case ofMahjong Pretty Girls Battle, these are, “authentic Japanese Mahjong rules…including settings for some famous local rule variants,” but “presented as an exciting Pretty Girls Battle game.”

There are 23 voiced, cartoongirlsto use, “from a brave samurai girl, to sexy devils and nuns, a sword fighting princess, and rabbits and foxes in human form.”

I’m a bit surprised by how few videogame versions of analog games are on Steam. I guess it’s more cost effective for someone making a simple card game or checkers game to host it on their own crappy, ad-covered website where it’ll come up in search engine. Or folks just use the games that come with their computer. Do computers still come with games?

Anyways, mahjong looks hard, so I’m holding out for Domino Pretty Girls Battle or at least HanafudaPretty Girls Battle.