Make somethin' purdy in Killing Floor 2 and maybe win $1500


Make a gun skin! Or a dumb hat!

Tripwire Interactive is hosting a Killing Floor 2competition via Polycountcalled Guns ‘n Gear. Anyone interested can create a cosmetic item or gun skin and attempt to win money/dosh.

This contest began on September 16 and will end on October 18. Those who don’t own Killing Floor 2can request a temporary key that will expire after this battle of creation has come to an end. There will be two categories, Best Cosmetic Item and Best Weapon Skin, and three winners (or teams of winners) in each. First place wins $1500, second wins $700, third wins $300, and all of the items will be added to Killing Floor 2‘s Steam Workshop page where the winners will earn royalties.

So who do I have to hug to get a Mr. Destructoid helmet and matching gun skin (preferably on the double-barreled boomstick)? Please? Read the rules and get crackin’.

Guns ‘n Gear [Polycount]