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Making The Shining funny and ordinary parenting scary with Pippin Barr

Sup Holmes every Sunday at 4pm EST!

[Sup Holmes is a weekly talk show for people that make great videogames. It airs live every Sunday at 4pm EST onYouTube, and can be found in Podcast form onLibsynandiTunes.]

Last time on Sup Holmes, we welcomed Professor Pippin Barr to the program. Pippin has been making small, “artsy” games for years now. In fact, he even made a game called Art Game. But is Art Game an “Art Game”? That’s a topic I couldn’t help but broach, even at the risk of annoying our guest with my over attention to semantics and unnecessarily class distinctions in delineating communication methods. It was a hoot!

Pippin was extremely insightful and forthcoming, maneuvering between a decidedly New Zealand-flavored humility and a unquenchable excitement for videogames. I share Pippin’s excitement about games, including his games, which made for an occasional battle between an Excitement-type game journalist and a Humble-type game developer. I think you’ll find that my rant about how much I love Pippin’s game Lets Play: The Shining was super effective.

We also talked about Dadaism,how much it changes your sense of purpose and ownership when you start selling your work, what it is about games that fascinates him, how to harness the everyday experience of parenting into an exercise in survival horror, and a lot more.

Thanks again to Pipping for being on the show, and make sure to tune in today at 4pm EST when we welcome Kim Voll to the program.

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