Man beats Dark Souls without getting hit, immediately tries again


No rest for the wicked

Dark Souls can be tough. Not that tough, but, still.

And not to take away from the impressive runs wherein Dark Souls was beaten with mirrored controls or Donkey Konga bongos or a DDR pad or by way of a million different Twitch chat inputs…but at least in those, getting hit one time didn’t spoil the whole thing.

Imagine. You are 20 hours into Dark Souls without getting hit. Then you get hit. Start over.

Well, that’s less of a nightmare to Twitch streamer The_Happy_Hobbit, who beat Dark Souls without taking a single hit…and then immediately started over to try and do it again. The end goal, actually, is to play through all three Dark Souls (including the upcoming third entry) back-to-back-to-back without a scratch.

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