Mana series anniversary live stream to take place June 27


Mind Your Manas

It’s been 30 years since the debut of the beautiful and classy Seiken Densetsu series, better known in the west as the Mana series. That’s three decades of colorful fantasy, whimsy, and wonder. And while not all of the series myriad entries have been stellar, the series has had its fair share of stone-cold classics. Publisher Square Enix is getting set to celebrate the Mana series upcoming anniversary with a special Japanese live stream, scheduled to take place this weekend.

Hosted by Mana series producer Sho Oyamada, Eleki Comic’s Susumu Imadachi, and series creator Koichi Isshi, the live stream will chart the long and storied history of this beloved franchise. From 1991 Game Boy release Final Fantasy Adventure, through the brilliant 1993 SNES release, Secret of Mana, the 2006 PS2 entry Dawn of Mana, and numerous spin-offs, the stream will re-tread the lengthy journey that has lead fans to new release Legend of Mana, which launches this very week.

The stream is scheduled to last around three hours and will kick off Sunday, June 27, at 20:00 JST on the official Square Enix Japan YouTube channel. Of course, both time and language will provide something of a barrier to western fans, which is a shame, but we’ll be sure to let you know if there is any pertinent news or other info that comes out of this celebratory event. In the meantime, Legend of Mana launches June 24 on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

「聖剣伝説」シリーズ30周年 公式生放送 配信決定!


<日時>2021年6月27日(日)18:00pm ~ 21:00pm 予定

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