Mario Kart Tour hits the beach with new Marine Tour


Don’t actually go to the beach, though

It might be the summer, but I’m not about to hit the beach anytime soon, contrary to the en masse irresponsibility being shown by my fellow countryfolk. Still, at least video games are getting into the spirit of Fun in the Sun. Take for example the new Marine Tour, which is now live in Nintendo’s mobile racer Mario Kart Tour.

The Marine Tour brings two new driver variants: the lovely Rosalina, adorned in a Grand Star-spangled swimdress, and main man Mario, rocking his swimming gear from Super Mario Odyssey. Also lodged in the pipe system are two new karts, including a Blue Soda kart and a snorkel-wearing Cheep kart, while new gliders are also available, stylised like deep-sea rays.

This tour would be nothing without a spot of sea and sand, so the classic Super Mario Kart track Koopa Troopa Beach 2 joins the circuit rotation, making its first franchise reappearance since 2005’s Mario Kart DS. Just remember to take your litter home with you, and don’t appear on the news – shirtless and holding an ice-cream – while saying “I can’t believe all these people came out, it’s so dangerous!”

Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS and Android devices.