Mario + Rabbids' Donkey Kong DLC looks pretty legit


Bang a gong

We haven’t heard much about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’s second DLC pack since its reveal in January, but Ubisoft has unleashed a new trailer for us to feast on. In addition to narrowing down the release window (to Spring 2018), we also get a look at a Cranky Kong Rabbid, which sounds delightful. The villains don’t seem to be based on anything inherently Donkey Kong, though the entire world is themed around a jungle setting.

There are also some new gameplay tidbits revealed in the trailer, but I am just in awe of the attention to detail Ubisoft has given. I can see why Nintendo trusted them with its characters, because this unmistakably looks like a Nintendo product. I might just have to break my wait for a “Definitive Edition” to play some Donkey Kong themed goodness.

A brand new team, in a brand new world. Check out the trailer for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure! Available Spring 2018.#MarioRabbids

— Rabbids (@rabbidsofficial) May 22, 2018

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