Mass Effect: Andromeda will reportedly not get any single-player add-ons


That’s all, folks

Mass Effect: Andromedahas had a tough go of it over the past three months. It launched in a disappointing state, rife with technical issues and tonal problems. BioWare is one of those studios that people expect more from and Andromedacame up short in most everyone’s eyes. It was enough to force EA to put the series on ice for the foreseeable future.

We were already positive that there wouldn’t be a new Mass Effect game anytime soon, but now we can be reasonably sure that there won’t even be a substantial add-on to Andromeda. Kotaku reports that EA and BioWare no longer have plans to release any single-player DLC. The sources for this report appear to be some of the same ones that helped contribute to Kotaku’s in-depth postmortem on the troubled development of Andromeda.

In the likely event that this is true, it seems to have been a reactionary move from EA. Andromeda strongly hints at the idea of DLC that explores what happened to the Quarians in their effort to reach the new galaxy. The foundation was laid for at least one story-focused add-on. The base game was so ill-received that the publisher must have decided more single-player content isn’t worth the investment.

Apart from any multiplayer DLC, this is probably a wrap on Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’s ironic how closely it mirrors the in-game plot. Excitement about something new and promising quickly turned to disappointment and lost faith. Art imitates life, but sometimes they work hand in hand.

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