BioWare shares some stats on what choices Mass Effect Legendary Edition players made this time around


Still fairly Paragon, with one exception

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition brought the trilogy onto modern consoles this last May. Today, BioWare announced what choices players of the Legendary Edition have been making, who’s been surviving, and what y’all have been doing about the Rachni.

Posted on social media, the infographic shows that Sheps are still skewing male, with 32% of players opting to play as FemShep. Earthborn and Survivor are still popular for the origin choices (though the latter only beats War Hero by a slim 1%), and weirdly enough, Soldier is the most popular specialization. I wonder if that’s just from Mass Effect 1 character creation, because I usually play Solider in the first and Vanguard in the next two.


You’ve all made tons of choices in #MassEffect Legendary Edition. How do yours match up against other commanders?

— Mass Effect (@masseffect) July 27, 2021

Ashley is leaving Virmire more often than Kaidan, and thankfully, only 6% of players left Urdnot Wrex on the planet too. 93% of players saved the Rachni Queen in the first Mass Effect, though for the 7% who didn’t, 67% of them went on to kill the Reaper Rachni Queen in Mass Effect 3.

Squadmates surviving Mass Effect 2‘s Suicide Mission isn’t too surprising, as it mostly follows the formulas and flowcharts that are floating around the internet. (I can’t imagine playing Mass Effect 3 without Mordin, though.) 96% of players got Tali pardoned, and somehow, there are still 4% of Mass Effect Legendary Edition players sabotaging the genophage. Who hurt you?

The most popular squadmates in Mass Effect 1 are the non-human ones: Garrus, Tali, Liara, and Wrex lead the rankings, with Ashley and Kaidan coming in at fifth and sixth. A lot of these choices line up with my own playthrough, with one exception: 68% of players punched the reporter in the face. I prefer the diplomatic approach, but respect the direct one.

These sorts of infographics and stat breakdowns are always rad, though honestly, it makes me want to know more. Who’s the most popular romantic interest? How many people survived the Suicide Mission with the bare minimum? Who else tried the Ryncol in the Dark Star Lounge? If there’s more info out there, I’d love to see it.