N7 Day was quiet this year, but we did get this rad Mass Effect poster


You Geth What You Deserve

Yesterday saw the arrival of November 7, better known to Mass Effect fans as N7 Day. Typically, this day would see some form of announcement or celebration or exciting new projects related to BioWare’s excellent Sci-Fi franchise, but this year’s annual event was an extremely quiet one — I mean, it was a Sunday after all…

However, N7 Day did not pass entirely without event, as publisher Electronic Arts released this very cool teaser image in order to get fans’ tongues a-waggin’. Mission Accomplished. The classy and dramatic poster sees a devastating hole burrowed deep into the surface of a planet, with a scant crew of familiar shapes striding toward it. The poster features that original Mass Effect logo with the promise that the franchise will return — like the ending of a 007 movie.

Already the Mass Effect faithful has begun dissecting the poster image, noting the crater’s appearance is similar to that of the mighty Geth, that the figures appear to be Krogan, Asarian, and Turian in nature, and even tying implications to the conclusion of 2012 release Mass Effect 3 and its “Destroy” choice conclusion. If you look halfway up the path, there also appears to be some form of possible human remains… In any case, the gaming world is long overdue a brand new Mass Effect adventure, and the thought of BioWare developing another chapter of its space opera on next-gen hardware is almost too exciting to comprehend. At least we have the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to tide us over.

For now, Keep Watching the Skies.

We have another #N7Day surprise for you from the team working on the next Mass Effect. ?

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— Mass Effect (@masseffect) November 7, 2021