Massive lines and raffles continue in Japan for the Nintendo Switch



Just last month we reported on the dire situation of picking up a Nintendo Switch in Japan, and it hasn’t gotten any better. If anything, the lines have gotten longer and the raffles have gotten more fierce.

According to multiple sources over in Japan, Switch lines are now referred to as “地獄,” which roughly translates to “hell.” While stores struggle to meet demand with 200-300 units (a number that would be a boon in the west), several thousand people are lining up for a chance to get one, leaving said stores to implement a raffle system.

Note that these lines are for the raffle, not a guaranteed system. The impending release of Splatoon 2 and the fever that initially swept over Japan for the first isn’t helping matters. So yeah, even the Switch’s home country is having stock issues.

Mike Splatoon [Twitter via Kotaku]