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Maximum Warp: GOG bringing back classic Star Trek games

Set Phasers to “Stunning Discounts”

Remember when GOG was called “Good Old Games”? When the fine folks at CD Projekt were more concerned about getting classic games like, er..NOXto contemporary players at low prices, rather than selling brand new games and launching alternatives to Steam? I remember (as does Pepperidge Farm), and from the looks of their latest release, GOG remembers, too.

Thanks to a deal with CBS, they’ve just released three classic Star Trektitles to the service, namely the point-and-click adventure games Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Star Trek: Judgment Rites, as well as the space sim Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. This is pretty good news for folks looking for their Trekfix, but don’t want to get into my current jam, Star Trek Online. I’ve also never played the old Trekadventure games, though I remember being really off-put by controlling Starfleet Academywith a joystick. I was all “Starships don’t have joysticks!”, and turned it off in disgust. Oh, how wrong I would be.

Now that we’ve got these games on board, I’m hoping GOG can prevail upon Activision to let theStar Trek Elite Forceseries, and also Star Trek Bridge Commander onto the store. Those aresome good old Trekgames, after all.

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