May the 4th be discounts: All the Star Wars PC game deals


I am altering the prices

The Sith Lord has phoned in and the marketing department has received his memo. Game deals are aplenty this May 4th aka Star Wars Day. Is it just an excuse to toss up game deals and let Star Wars fans open their wallets? Yes. Yes, it is.

Marketing train aside (of which we are acutely aware we are a part of), there are some new historic low prices and worthwhile mentions. Battlefront is free to play on Origin this month (for four hours). If you totally want the game, it’s at a new low price of $24 on Origin.

On, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (yep, the badass N64 title) is nowavailable at $4.76. Sweet. Steam is also having its own sale if you enjoy DRM, though we think the GOG bundles are excellent values to pick everything up.




Individual Titles



Individual Titles – mostly same as GOG minus Shadows of the Empire but a few additions