May's Xbox Games with Gold line up is meh again and hey, another LEGO game


One runs through June 15

Xbox Live Games with Gold…look how they massacred my boy!

Last month wasn’t much better and we’re looking at a very dry May too. Maybe Microsoft is saving all their energy for June and E3?

This month is slim, with Armello, Dungeons 3, LEGO Batman, and Tropico 4as headliners. The big reveal here is that Dungeons 3will be available all the way until June 15 (two weeks later than Tropico 4, which is debuting on Gold the same day), and it’s the most expensive game at 30 bucks.

Look, at least last month we got a bonafide masterpiece in Hard Corps Uprising, which I hope everyone redeemed (you still have three days!). But I just love how Microsoft advertises these as “Gamerscore” opportunities. This month, you can knock out 4000, as each game offers you 1000.

Remember when people blew through that Airbendergame for 1000/1000? Those were the days of unregulated Gamerscore.

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