Mega Man turns 30 this week, and finally has a lot to celebrate


The first real entry since 2010

For years we’ve been wondering if Mega Man would ever come back. Some people thought it was only a matter of time, and others saw the endless loop of compliations and merchandise paraded around while Capcom further placed an emphasis on remakes and remasters. Now that could still be the case if Mega Man 11 doesn’t take off, but given that this has been seven years in the making I don’t see the Blue Bomber’s return crashing and burning out of the gate.

All of this excitement came right before the actual 30th anniversary of Mega Man, which actually arrived this week, on December 17.That’s when the first Mega Man game on NES was released in both Japan and the US in 1987, which catapulted the character into stardom and allowed Capcom to pump out myriad sequels and spinoffs for over two decades.

Although City Connection was the first platformer I ever played, followed by Super Mario Bros., Mega Manwas when I realized I was truly into gaming as a hobby, and not just as a way to pass the time. Over the years I experienced a relationship with the series, creating my first website dedicated to it with a friend (creating guides and providing news), developing a passion for games writing in the process.

It seems like Capcom got the message, but I really hope that they handle this new entry with care — and if it’s a hit, please take some time to handle the next entry with care.