Mega Man X DiVE will have co-op, Zero and Vile team revealed


Beta still slated for this month

Capcom is moving full speed ahead withMega Man X DiVE, their mobile adaptation of the Xseries, and they’ve just revealed that the game will feature co-op.

In the newest DiVEtrailer we see Zero working in tandem with his nemesis (and killer) Vile, showcasing same-screen co-op play that actually looks decent. Me and an old friend of mine dreamed of the day where we’d get a full co-op Mega Man game, and although fan projects have made this possible multiple times over, it’s nice to see something from Capcom officially.

Mega Man X DiVE is confirmed for both iOS and Android, and will have an invite-only closed beta period this month. Again, I’m ready to give this game a shot, but a complete celebration of the X, Zero, and ZXseries with co-op no lesswould have been a hit on consoles. Multiplayer of any kind is a rarity for this series.

[Thanks Jeff!]