Mega Man X is getting new armor for the X Legacy Collections


X Gon’ Give It To Ya

A lot of things seem to be going right for theMega Man X Legacy Collection. The first pack especially contains someof the most incredible platformers of all time (X1-X4), and we’ve learned that the packs are coming with a gametype unique to the re-releases — X Challenge.

This mode will pit Mega Man X against enemies from various points in the subseries’ history, and mishmashes several games together. Earlier this week it came to light that it will have a story mode of some kind, and thanks to Famitsu a few more details are now known.

Evidently the rumored new armor type is confirmed, as X will don a new white/blue variant armor based on the Ultimate Armor that debuted in X4. You can also choose up to three special weapons to bring along when you start the challenge (of nine), which range from X1-X6. This all but confirms that X7and above will not be included in the set of challenges, both in terms of weaponry and bosses.

It’ll also sport 27 stages, difficulty levels (yes!), and different bosses depending on which volume you’re playing (1 or 2), as well as online leaderboards. Yep, this is pretty much a hardcore Mega Manfan’s dream.

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