Metroid Dread compact size should fit snugly into your Nintendo Switch


Alien terror won’t take a bite out of your MicroSD

It’s a big week for both Nintendo Switch owners and — more specifically — Metroid heads, as Friday will see the release of the highly anticipated Metroid Dread, as legendary hero Samus Aran once again dons the power armor for alien-blasting, vent-rolling, wall-bombing mayhem. To get Switch players prepped, Nintendo has announced the new adventure’s modest file size

Metroid Dread, despite its epic nature, will only take up around 4.1GB of Switch/MicroSD memory, a very impressive file size for what will no doubt be quite the labyrinthine adventure. Nintendo, of course, has already proven itself a master of data compression when it comes to its own titles and hardware, (often leaving third-party devs to gnash their teeth in frustration), and it appears that the Metroid Dread file size will be no different, fitting snugly into the console without breaking the bank.

Developed by Nintendo and MercurySteam, Metroid Dread is a direct sequel to 2002 Game Boy Advance release Metroid Fusion, and will see Samus stranded on the sinister planet ZDR in her continuing battle against the frightening “X” parasites. Metroid Dread will feature all of the upgrade-based exploratory action that has made the enduring franchise such as smash hit, dripping in claustrophobic terror as Samus delves further into ZDR’s hi-tech nightmare.

Metroid Dread launches on Nintendo Switch October 8.