Microsoft inks another deal for Xbox One in China


China Telecom to offer consoles via contract to its 30 million customers

Microsoft is collaborating with China Telecom to sell Xbox One this September, Reuters reports.

The state-owned telecommunications company, among the largest in China with over 30 million broadband customers, will offer the system to consumers via contract. The Xbox One will also be available at retail, where Microsoft hopes to appeal to the nation’s estimated half billion gamers.

Back in April, Microsoft unveiled plans to bring the system to China this autumn, announcing a partnership with set-top box maker BesTV to manufacture the consoles in Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone. No pricing information has been revealed just yet, but it might come as early as next week.

Xbox One will be the first gaming console to see an official release in mainland China in over 14 years, as the government banned sales in 2000 over concerns of their effects on young people.

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