Middle-earth: Shadow of War is getting an endless mode for its final chapter


Right now, it ends

Without explicitly spoiling anything, Middle-earth: Shadow of War has a final chapter (Shadow Wars) that basically serves as an epilogue of sorts. Right now it does have an ending, but Monolith is altering that with a future update that will allow for an endless version. It’s called “Infinite Shadow Wars,” and will basically just elongate the Nemesis System indefinitely so you can go at it with warring tribes all you want.

This endgame, mind, has sparked a debate among players as to whether or not the grindy nature of it drives you toward loot boxes. While I strongly dislike that they are there in the first place as they have no business in a sandbox action game, I never felt the need to buy any of them.

Rather, Shadow of War‘s endgame feels just as grindy as a lot of other old school action romps, and I had fun getting through it. I doubt I’ll spring for Infinite Shadow Wars, but it’s going to be there eventually if you want it.