Might & Magic Heroes VII deals roundup (up to 40% off)


Uplay time ?

The seventh installment in the Might & Magic Heroes series arrives this week and if you’re into raging against a mob of 100+ black dragons in this turn-base classic, then pay attention as there are excellent deals available.

Instead of paying full price,three digital retailers have discounts up to 40% off on Might & Magic Heroes VII. So launch up your Uplay client (because we all totally have it installed + ready to go) and get ready to insert your Uplay key.

Might & Magic Heroes VII Deals

GMG’s giant 40% off coupon runs through Friday, October 2 at 11:00am Eastern for HOMM VII — uh, Might & Magic: Heroes VII.

Funstock Digital is not far behind in terms of pricing. Their coupon is only good while the game is in pre-order status, but once the game fully launches (around midday tomorrow), you’ll have to resort to using the 20% off code: SEP-COUPMAIL-NEW20 at checkout vs what’s listed above.

The third option is 2game, who doesn’t require you to use any code at discount. Just straight up instant savings, no hassles to deal with but obviously a little bit less on the price slash department.

As far as well know, all three retailers are sending out keys as pre-load has been available since a few days ago.

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