Minecraft's 'Aquatic' update will be the final one for last-gen systems


Life Aquatic

Minecraft‘s next patch, dubbed the “Aquatic” update, will be the final update for the last-gen versions of the game. The reason for this decision is that Microsoft has decided to focus its effort on improving the versions of the game where the most players are active. According to a blog post on the official Minecraft site, the last-gen versions comprise only 5% of the active player base for the game, so these previous versions are being put to bed.

The patch is not currently available on Switch, since Microsoft has yet to release the “Bedrock” (or Better Together) update for the platform. Once that is all set, the Switch version will be updated with the Aquatic stuff. Microsoft is also urging players to upgrade to the newer version of Minecraft, since you can still access the old versions on Xbox One and Win 10.

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