MODEL Debut #nicola intrigues the Style Savvy fanatic in me


Strike a pose

I have no idea if Nintendo and Syn Sophia are planning a fifth entry in the Style Savvyseries for Switch, but I sure as heck hope they are. 2017’s Styling Starended up being my favorite game in the franchise and while I’ve enjoyed most every experience I’ve had on my Switch thus far, there’s been a serious lack of cute-girl fashion games. That’s why MODEL Debut #nicolacaught my eye.

From developer FuRyu, best known in the west for RPGs like The Alliance Aliveand Unchained Blades, the game is an adorable looking model simulator that lets players create their own future fashion icons and rock the runway and print ads. While it appears to lack the clothing shop that is the central facet of the Style Savvyexperience, there is enough pretty dress-up play that I can only hope one of the more eccentric western publishers decides to localize it.

MODEL Debut #nicolalaunches in Japan for Nintendo Switch on November 1, 2019. By the way, if you’re wondering what’s with the “#nicola” part of the game’s title, Nicolais a long-running Japanese fashion magazine aimed at teen girls.