Co-op heist sim Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is getting a sequel, Monaco 2


You son of a…. I’m in.

The heist is back on. Pocketwatch Games has announced that it’s working on a sequel to 2013’s Monaco: What’s Your is Mine, dubbed simply Monaco 2.

The new Monaco will still be a co-op heist simulator, with players taking on well-guarded levels in search of precious plunder. The first major change-up for Monaco 2 is that it’s 3D. While the original Monaco was a top-down affair, Monaco 2 will be fully 3D, opening up potential for entering buildings via the Z-axis.

In the first dev log for the sequel, Pocketwatch goes into more differences. The levels in Monaco 2 will be procedurally generated, in order to keep players on their toes and adapting to every new situation.

Composer Austin Wintory is also set to score the game. The first hint of it, spotlighted in the Monaco 2 dev log, sounds just like a heist-in-progress in a very good way.

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine was a bit of a hidden gem on PC and Xbox Live Arcade. It was a co-op heist simulator, full of rapidly evolving chaos and different job roles to change up gameplay. It feels like ages since the first time I broke through a window and set off every alarm.

Pocketwatch went on to develop the interesting animal-centric RTS Tooth and Tail, which put a quirky spin on strategy games. Now they’re back in the heist game, and with a sequel, this could be a chance for this team to really showcase what shined about the original. I mean, I’m always in for a heist. We’re stuck waiting on updates for now, but you can wishlist Monaco 2 on Steam here.