Monolith Soft just got a website overhaul, new announcement could be imminent


It’s likely coming this month

The Monolith Soft website has been updated, alongside of some sneaky teases that indicate a new announcement could be coming soon.

Piecing two things together, studio composer Yasunori Mitsuda recently noted that something will be revealed in February of this year, and explained to people that there would be a Monolith Soft website outage at the end of January. The site just came back online, with a revamped brighter layout, and it completely gutted several aspects of the site to streamline it: perhaps to focus more clearly on the upcoming project(s). A few new blogs and recruiting pages were reworked, too.

At the moment, Monolith Soft is working on assisting Nintendo with Breath of the Wild 2, as well as something else entirely that we’ve yet to hear about. Prominent rumors include Xenoblade Chronicles 3, as well as the leaked Chrono Cross remaster project.

In any case, they’re in an extremely good spot right now. Everything the company touches turns to gold, and the ability to help Nintendo produce some of the best games they’re putting out right now is a heck of a side hustle. While Xenoblade Chronicles 3 would be nice, as the team has been consistently putting out fresh takes on this world with each new iteration, I do hope it’s something different.

Take the concept of a beautiful open world just like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, shore it up a bit, make it more action-oriented, and give us a new universe. That’s my vote! But I’ll take anything from this company.