Monster Hunter Rise PC port trailer shows off its visual gains


Tone-changing looks spotlit in new trailer

In less than a week’s time, PC players will be able to get their hands on the highly anticipated adventure title Monster Hunter Rise. Publisher Capcom has released a new trailer for the incoming port, focusing on some of the PC-specific features that will have made the long-coming release worth the wait.

The majority of the preview is given to a great-looking selection of visual filters, that will allow the player to alter the visual style — and overall tone — of the period piece. Among the filters on offer are a classic cinema style grainy black & white affair, a watercolor-lite “Japanese Style,” and a stark and impactful look known as “Warring Lands.” Players can also add scratches and additional grain to the image to truly capture that Toei samurai movie vibe. Each filter applies its own unique atmospheric effect to the visual design.

In addition to the aforementioned filters, the PC port of Monster Hunter Rise will support both 4K resolutions as well as fancy-dancy ultrawide monitors. The PC edition features uncapped framerate options as well as boosted textures from its Nintendo Switch brethren, so while desktop players might have been left twiddling their thumbs for some time, this port is looking to be — dare I say it — the definitive edition of the epic action-RPG.

Monster Hunter Rise launches on PC via Steam January 13. It is available now on Nintendo Switch. A DLC expansion, Sunbreak, is currently in the works for both platforms.