Monster Hunter: World isn't done handing out freebies


More supplies to help you in battle

Monster Hunter: World, Capcom’s new favourite franchise, is giving out more free supplies to any hunters who jump into the game today, aiding you and your party in your efforts to take down the biggest, baddest creatures in the land.

Logging in today will earn you the “Handle With Care! Bomb Gift Set”. This explosive package contains 30 Barrel Bombs, 30 Mega-Bounce Bombs, 15 Mega Barrel Bombs, 20 Blossom Fireworks, and also one Gold Wyverian Print.

Capcom have also set live the weekly update to the Quest Schedule, filled with bounties and bonuses just waiting to be collected by you and your posse. Check it out right here. Then grab your bombs, get out there and start blowing shit up.

Monster Hunter: World is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.