Moonglow Bay looks like a pretty chill fishing RPG


Life in a northern town

Who hasn’t wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? Games like Stardew Valley offer a rural farming respite, but upcoming indie game Moonglow Bay heads for a different place: the sea.

Revealed during today’s [email protected] stream, Moonglow Bay is a slice-of-life fishing RPG that mixes quiet town life with sailing and fishing. Set in the town of Moonglow Bay on the Eastern Canadian coastline in the 1980s, you take up fulfilling the final wish of your partner to help keep the business afloat as the town faces bankruptcy.

Setting out to sea, you learn how to cast nets and catch fish, document the different species you find, and then bring them home to cook and sell. Make money, upgrade the boat, and gradually uncover the secrets of the “Mythical Monsters of Moonglow.”

Yes, it would not be a quaint, quiet town without its fair share of superstition, and the locals are wary of the sea and the rumored monsters that lurk beneath the waves. Whether this culminates in some magical clash with sea-monsters of legend or not, Moonglow Bay looks very chill. There’s also drop-in, drop-out co-op, in case you want to fish with a friend.

I enjoy a good farming life sim, but I’m pretty excited to see what a fishing life sim can be. Moonglow Bay will launch on PC and Xbox consoles in 2021, and it’ll also be coming to Xbox Game Pass.