More evidence that Danny DeVito needs to be the voice of Detective Pikachu


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Some saint created the above trailer showing off what the English release of Great Detective Pikachucould be like if Nintendo takes notice of the petition to cast Hollywood sweetheart Danny DeVito in the starring role.

The petition has blown up since we broke the story on it yesterday, quickly rising from around 8,000 signatures to over 25,000 with no signs of stopping. Surely Nintendo will do the right thing and offer DeVito the job after this overwhelming support, right? So far there has been no response from Nintendo, Game Freak, or DeVito himself — perhaps they are just biding their time till a big E3 reveal given by the man who was the Penguin himself.

Picture it: The stage is black. A throat is cleared. Suddenly, the loud flipping of a switch can be heard as a spotlight illuminates a naked Danny DeVito painted from head to toe to look like a Pikachu wearing only a detective cap. Breathing heavily, he leans into the microphone and says, “It’s me, theGreat Detective Pikachu!” as cheers erupt at such a volume that many game journalists’ eardrums rupture. They don’t notice the blood oozing out of their head due to their excitement, and are instead smiling ear to ear.

Wouldn’t that be perfect? If you want to make it a reality, sign the petition nowand let Nintendo know there is only one voice for the Great Detective, and that voice is from a five-foot-tall, 71-year-old-man named Danny DeVito.