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More info about Ryu in Super Smash Bros. trickles in

Get wet before Nintendo pulls the plug

In the long and illustrious history of pre-E3 info leaks, this may be the leak that has leaked harder than any other leak. Not only did people find the data for three new Smash 4 characters in a recent Japanese update, they’re also been putting out exhibition videos and live streams of the trio pretty much all day. At this rate, we should even be able to get them all included in our exclusive strategy guide by world Smash 4 champ Gonzalo ‘ZeRo” Barrios which is set to release next week. While I feel badly for the folks at Nintendo who may feel like they have egg on their face right now, I can’t help but guess that this will all work to their favor in the long run.

That said, Nintendo is still taking down these videos at a record pace, so you’re going to have to act fast if you want to check them out and try to put together the pieces. Personally, I’m still a little fuzzy on how Ryu’s Final Smash will work. We’re hearing he can use it to pull off either aShin-Shoryuken, which only hits at close range, or a Metsu Hadoken, which can push players off screen from a distance. I’m guessing that which move he’ll perform will depend on how far away he is from an an opponent, but we may not know for sure until tomorrow morning.

I’m also chomping at the bit to find out if Ryu will also be making his way to the 3DS version of the game, and if there are any more characters or modes that Nintendo is planning on announcing. This leak may have actually made me even more excited for Smash 4at E3 than I was before, so… great job?

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