Mortal Kombat X trailer reveals the return of a couple of fan favorites


And they look ready for PUNishment

Drip feeding out character reveals is a fine fighting game tradition. But this morning, NetherRealm cranked up the dial and mainlined a medically unsafe dose straight to the heart of Mortal Kombat Xjunkies. A trailer that not only offers a look at the recently announced Kung Lao getting down and dirty with a whole lot of cringe-inducing buzz-saw action, but also drops reveals for two incredibly popular characters, Kitana and Goro.

The years have apparently been kinder to Kitana than they have to poor, decrepit Kung Lao. She’s looking just as lovely and alluring as ever, and her dismemberment game has never been so on point, elevating the entire field of spontaneous-amputation and bifurcation. An inspiration that reminds us that no matter how good you are at something, there’s always room to improve.

We already knew Goro was going to be making it back to the tournament by way of a skeezy pre-order incentive deal, but this is our first chance to see him in motion, rendered the way he’ll appear in-game. The four-armed beast-man-thing looks more than ready for this debut as a playable member of the roster despite the gross business practices surrounding his arrival and I can’t wait to see him in action.

After witnessing the sheer brutality of the currently revealed X-Ray moves and fatalities, you’d be forgiven for wondering if there were any other ways to mutilate a body left. But I’ve got faith in my boy Goro, I’m sure he’ll come up with something special.