Moss: Book II reunites players with their VR mouse pal on March 31


Embark on more mini-adventures at the end of March

Moss made a mark on PlayStation VR with its clever set-up and adorable mouse protagonist. The intrepid mouse pal Quill is back with Moss: Book II, and it’s out very soon, arriving for PSVR on March 31.

Players once again take an overhead view, directing Quill through the action. There are more interactions, new characters, and more to explore in Quill’s world this time around. As the reader that can actually interact with the world and help Quill, there are some cool ways to reach in and actually help out the mousey friend.

PlayStation posted a lengthy let’s play with Polyarc, showing off Moss: Book II today alongside the release date news. The footage shows some of the new interactions at play:

Moss made a pretty big impact in 2018, as one of the standout games for PlayStation VR. This one’s also on the PlayStation tech, so you’ll need Sony’s headset to embark on the adventure. The original Moss did eventually make its way to PC-based virtual reality headsets, but there’s been no word of that yet. For now, looks like you’ll need the PlayStation VR for Moss: Book II.

Sony, meanwhile, has been slowly teasing out its plans for the next generation of PlayStation VR. The PSVR 2 has been shown off a bit, both with its new controllers and rounded, vented headset design.

It’s been quite a time for virtual reality experiences lately, with Oculus/Meta picking up big games like Resident Evil 4 on VR. Quill makes for a pretty compelling exclusive right now for Sony, though, even as it ramps up towards a new headset. The hero-mouse sets off on PSVR on March 31, 2022.