Mr. X will be appearing in Capcom's next Resident Evil game, 'Project Resistance'


‘More info at TGS’

We’ve been down the whole “Resident Evilteam-based spinoff shooter” road before. In the far past it’s worked out wonderfully, with games like Outbreak, and its follow-up. When it comes to projects likeOperation Raccoon City and Umbrella Corps…not so much. But Capcom is giving the subgenre a go again, and a new cinematic trailer does a decent job of getting our hopes up again.

Dubbed “Project Resistance,” the platform-less and window-less game will feature a scrappy young cast and classic Resident Evil enemies. When in doubt you can always rely on the Lickers to hype people up, but naturally the big reveal comes near the end when Mr. X suits up and gets ready to wreck it.

Although Mr. X was always a popular icon of the series, he has a sort of recency bias with the Resident Evil 2Remake, where his fame got a massive boost thanks to scores of PC modsand plenty of memes. For now we basically just have the gist of what Project Resistanceis about (PvE, or possibly PvPvE), but more info will be revealed at TGS this week.