MTV revives Daria and The Real World because the '90s won't die


Going back to when MTV actually meant something

So I guess thatAeon Fluxrebootwas a harbinger of things to come!

MTV just announced the creation of MTV Studios, a new production company under the MTV banner. During that announcement, they decided to unveil that they were working on a reboot ofThe Real World,Aeon Flux, and a sequel toDariacalledDaria & Jody. There were also a couple of reality TV shows that were announced, butDariais back!

Daria & Jodieis set sometime after the ’90s animated series with both women continuing to be snarky and sarcastic with a stronger focus on today’s issues. In that same vein,The Real Worldis going to focus on social media, 24-hour news and how it affects people, and is probably going to be really depressing now that I think about it. AndAeon Fluxis going to still be as weird as it everwar, but now in live action.

What’s interesting to note is that MTV isplanning on shopping these shows to digital services like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple. If they have a new production studio, wouldn’t it make more sense to have them air on MTV and increase the viewership? It seems counterproductive to have these shows air on digital platforms and not on cable, but I guess that might just be the way things are now.

I was joking last week about wanting MTV to bring back more of Liquid Television, but I’ll take a revival ofDaria. It’s one of those shows that really did define my teenage years and Daria’s sense ofhumorreally did rub off on me. Oh, and if all of these new shows succeed, MTV may bring backBeavis and Butt-Head.It’s a good day to be a ’90s fan.

MTV Rebooting Daria and The Real World[IGN]