Multiplayer hits Don't Starve PS4 next month, with split-screen


Old school style

Don’t Starve Together managed to marry the horrors of survival with multiplayer when it debuted in 2014, but now it’s coming to the PS4 — and with split-screen, no less!It’ll go for $14.99 on September 13, but there are a few options.

So at this point, the core game ($14.99), the Reign of Giantsexpansion ($4.99), and the Shipwreckedexpansion ($4.99) are also out, so Klei is offering a “Mega Pack” bundle for $10.79 if you already own the former ($26.99 if you don’t).

Klei also clarifies that split-screen will also work online, and can contribute to the overall six-player count. Not bad. While the Mega Pack is a lot of dough to spend outright if you aren’t sure the game is your bag, people who have been sitting on this one for a while should check out the last two expansions, as they’re pretty great.