Multiplayer raids, free DLC and more accompany The Division 2's grim new trailer


Washington needs you. Answer the call.

At their big E3 press conference today, Ubisoft revealed more details on one of the biggest upcoming releases, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.A miserable trailer shows how a beautiful, vibrant city of Washington quickly became a lawless land of mob rule, with innocents caught in the crossfire and bodies and carnage lining the streets. It’s not all hopeless, however, as a team of brave mercs will be stepping the fuck up to throw hot lead in harm’s way. If you fail, Washington dies with you.

Along with the new trailer, eight-player Raids were also announced, drawing a roar of approval from the crowd. Ubisoft plan to drop multiple pieces of content post-release. Three new episodes – all free of charge, and containing new story, areas and activities – will be arriving once The Division 2 hits the streets in early 2019.