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My man Piccolo enters the Jump Force arena along with Cell

Let the games begin

Jump Force isn’t due until February 15, 2019, but Bandai Namco is moving right along with its character reveals. Appropriately announced by way of V-Jump magazine, Cell and Piccolo will be joining the ranks of Frieza, Vegeta and Goku to represent the Dragon Ball universe.

Piccolo is one of those guys you can just always count on to appear in pretty much every Dragon Ball related piece of media. While characters like Yamcha don’t always make the cut Piccolo is representing his Planet Namek often. Cell, perhaps more of a fan-favorite, is usually the same way as time has passed and more Dragon Ballgames have been pumped out.

As a reminder right now Dragon Ball is tied with One Piece for representation, with five characters each cemented in the roster. Next up is Hunter x Hunter with four.

Piccolo and Cell [V-Jump via Gematsu]

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