My Nintendo gets a few Mario Kart related rewards


Wallpaper, a guide sample, and a calendar

I always feel obligated to update people on the happenings with My Nintendo, because I know one person somewhere cares. I don’t know who that person is, but this is for you.

As of this week Nintendo has altered its rewards, adding in new Mario Kart 8 themed stuff. There’s three offerings — a wallpaper (for smartphones or your PC), a Link (but still Mario Kart) themed calendar, and a sample of the Deluxestrategy guide.

Oh, I don’t know, I wish anyof these rewards were physical? I’d love to get an official calendar with that rockin’ Link motorcycle art. Even if they just did Platinum (not even Gold) rewards at the end of the fiscal year, I’d take it.

Here’s hoping that once the program is in full swing with Switch rewards that it’s even half as glorious as Club Nintendo.

Mario Kart [My Nintendo]