My Nintendo has new physical rewards for Xenoblade Chronicles and Splatoon


US members can exchange their Platinum Points

Club Nintendo – at least to those of us who fondly remember Club Nintendo – was one of Nintendo’s finest fan initiatives. If you stuck with the rewards program during its heyday, I’m sure you still have cool physical collectibles propped up on a shelf or tucked away in storage somewhere for a rainy day.

Nintendo isn’t revitalizing that plan anytime soon, but the current program, My Nintendo, has gotten a trio of physical rewards for Splatoon 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition in the United States. It’s almost like the old days! Except for the fact that you’ll need to cover a shipping fee.

The three rewards are a Xenoblade Chronicles Monado phone ring holder (500 Platinum Points), three Xenoblade sticker sheets (300 Platinum Points), and a Splatoon 2 postcard set (400 Platinum Points).

There’s a September 30 expiration date and a limit of one of each item per account while supplies last.

To earn points, you can see which missions are up for grabs on this page. At the bottom of the list, past the game-specific goals, you’ll find a bunch of generalist objectives that you can earn in a browser, for free, without much fuss. Don’t forget about those (even cooler) Super Mario pins, too.

Physical items are so much more meaningful than the average digital trinket, and as much as I appreciate Gold Point discounts, I’d love to see this stuff become a recurring perk for My Nintendo.

[Thanks, Inquisitive Ravenclaw]