You should nab Neon Abyss while it's free on the Epic Games Store


If you’re into roguelike chaos, that is

We’re two days into the Epic Games Store’s 15 days of free games promo for the holidays. While I suspect quite a few people snatched up Shenmue III out of morbid curiosity, today’s free PC game, Neon Abyss, seems intriguing in a “Hey, I might actually mess with this” sorta way. It’s a running, gunning, pet-hatching roguelike action game.

If you can handle heaps of projectiles, it’s comfort-food gaming

Since the god-toppling game launched in July 2020, Veewo Games has kept up with regular content updates for Neon Abyss, including one as recent as last month.

Just knowing that it’s still getting attention from the developers puts my mind at ease a bit. It’s nice to know that you’re walking into a bigger, better, hopefully more balanced experience after the early adopters put in their time and shared their takes with the team.

It’s probably not going to budge Enter the Gungeon or Binding of Isaac in anyone’s power rankings, but as a freebie, I’m a bit more willing to put up with a grindy grind and some less-than-ideal RNG. Sticking around for the long haul might be a tall order, though. How Long to Beat suggests a 10- to 12-hour-or-so clear time for the main story.

Neon Abyss is free as a one-day-only offer until 8:00 a.m. Pacific on December 18, 2021.