Nekopara Vol. 2 coming west on PS4 and Switch next month


Heading this way right meow

CFK and Neko Works have revealed a western release date for cat cafe visual novel sequel Nekopara Vol. 2, which will launch on PS4 and Nintendo Switch February 14 worldwide.

Volume 2 will continue the story of La Soliel, the patisserie business run by owner Kashou Minaduki, alongside his sister Shigure, his two catgirl friends, Chocola and Vanilla, and a bunch of other random catgirls. After “a small misunderstanding drives a wedge between them, they’ll grow to understand each other and strengthen their familial bonds.” Wow, Sounds like wholesome fun for the entire family.

It should be noted that the PS4 edition of this title is expected to feature censoring of certain imagery. Although the console editions of the title will also feature a new intro sequence and “exclusive events”.

Nekopara Vol. 2 launches February 14 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.