Nerdist's spoof Star Fox trailer reminds me of the old Nintendo Power comic


Never give up. Trust your instincts

Star Foxis possibly the most under-appreciated Nintendo series. It’s had games cancelled, been snubbed entirely for a whole console generation, and hasn’t received an original entry since 2006 (although an untitled Star Fox game is in the works for Wii U). However, Fox fans can rejoice with this zany trailer from Nerdist, featuring real-life animals playing the role of the Star Fox team.

I think a live-action Star Foxmovie given the Guardians of the Galaxytreatment would be awesome. This trailer also reminded me of the comics that ran in Nintendo Power when the first game came out. It had a killer art style and was a unique look at the picture Nintendo might have had in mind for the original series continuity before the cancellation of Star Fox 2and the Nintendo 64 remake was released.

Unfortunately, the Star Foxcomics have not been reprinted, although you can find them online in their entirety. However, Viz has announced a collected edition of the A Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pastcomics that ran in Nintendo Powerdue out in May!

Nerdist Presents: Star Fox: The Fur Awakens Official Trailer [Nerdist]