New Apex Legends character Crypto leaked, expected to arrive with the next season


He uses a drone!

Following a tumultuous season 2, Respawn is poised to launch Apex Legends‘ season 3 later this year: and as expected, it’ll come with a new Legend.

Leaked by way of August’s GameStop Conference (which apparently is the easiest way to leak anything, as this ship is full of holes), the new Legend is none other than Crypto, who has been rumored for some time and is already incorporated into the story of King’s Canyon. Crypto will sport a drone that can relay information back to him and his team, and the Charge Rifle weapon as well as new Halloween-themed skins are also on the way.

While I really dig the new content that Apex Legendsgets (Wattson was a riot and Crypto seems like he’s going to be a ton of fun), Respawn seems to really have a hard time understanding how to properly monetize the game. Maybe part of that issue is EA pressing them, maybe it’s a problem with both entities. Either way they need to get a handle on their events and their microtransaction scheme before people just get sick of it and dump it entirely.

Crypto confirmed Season 3 Legend, new weapon and Halloween Event leak [Apex Legends]