New Blood set to publish Maximum Action, a John Woo inspired shooter



New Blood Interactive is slowly becoming a modern day ID Software. Not content with releasing the best retro inspired shooter with DUSKand creating the arcane wonder that is Amid Evil, the lovely boys at New Blood have acquired indie early-access shooter Maximum Action. A Hong Kong inspired title that sort of marries Max Payneand Half-Life, the title has been available on Steam in early-access since September of last year. While development was slow, it seems new life has been breathed into the game with New Blood’s acquisition.

If any of that doesn’t sound like enough, you might like to know that Maximum Actionallows you to dual wield any weapon in the game, has a time altering mechanic similar to Superhot, utilizies lo-fi late ’90s graphics, has a sandbox and endless mode, and even comes with a level editor. It’s currently priced at $14.99, too! That sounds like a hell of a deal, to me.