New Fortnite update lets you wreck your world in pre-fab fashion


New weapons, skins and scenery for Creative

Epic Games battle royale title Fortnite has let loose its latest patch. Update 9.01 adds more weapons, items and skins to the globally popular multiplayer title, along with the usual run of performance fixes.

Joining the arsenal is the new Tactical Assault Rifle, a close-quarters, rapid-fire weapon which is very effective at mid-range, but perhaps loses its impact over longer distances. Speaking of firearms, the Drum Gun has received a damage nerf, as it was proving far more effective a weapon than intended.

For Creative mode, a range of pre-wrecked buildings is now available. These pre-fabs include post-apocalyptic looking houses, clock towers, apartment blocks and more, allowing you to create your very own miserable wasteland. Save the World hasn’t been forgotten, with enemy-generating Mist Pods now littering the battlezone. Also available is the new “Prehistoric Izza” skin, turning the hero into some kind of bolero jacket-wearing reptile because reasons.

For details on the new additions, balance changes and bug fixes, check out the patch notes over at the official blog. Fortnite is available on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android devices.