New Guilty Gear welcomes back Brit brawler Axl Low and reveals May's new look


May takes to the high seas in new trailer

Arc System Works has revealed that punky jaw-rocker Axl Low will be making a return in the upcoming “New Guilty Gear” title. The sequel was announced at the EVO 2019 tournament back in August and is currently in development for a 2020 release.

Time-traveling hipster Axl Low is a veteran of the Guilty Gear series, arriving in the crazy world of GG after slipping out from the 20th century. Now your boy just wants to get home, like Sam Beckett, and has no problem with knocking a few heads together en route if need be. Armed with an array of anti-air attacks and projectile-destroying sickles, Axl keeps his opponent and their attacks at bay, frustrating them by refusing to offer an opening.

ArcSys also took time to drop a trailer for joy-loving sea-dog (and my personal favourite character) May. As you can see in the clip below, May returns to battle with her trusty anchor, as well as her army of sea friends, including a dolphin, sea-lion, and a whale, all of whom help her out in a pinch. Her classic seafaring design has been tweaked with a baggy hoodie, rucksack and a big floppy cap. It’s a cool look for her, even if she has forgotten to put trousers on.

New Guilty Gear (tentative title) is expected to launch on PS4 in 2020.